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Moving From Fear to Freedom – Using Self-Hypnosis to Overcome Fear

 Unlock your full potential and live better, as you move from Fear to Freedom.

From Fear to Freedom, Hena Husain, self-help, hypnotism, motivation, #metoo

This is my fourth post in a series based on my new book: From Fear to Freedom: My Journey. In my first post, I wrote about the fears I faced in my past and the 3-step process I used to overcome my fear. In my second post, I wrote about how readers can overcome relationship issues. In my third post, I thanked early readers for their support of my book and praise in early reviews. In this post, I want to show readers how to use one of the most effective parts of this 3-step process, one they can use themselves at home – self-hypnosis.
Inner Reflection through Self-HypnosisIn a very real sense, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, since you are in control of your thoughts and your mind. A skilled hypnotist can guide your thoughts to produce the brain wave state where you can learn and change. They will then help you guide your mind by making carefully selected suggestions, based on their knowledge and training, but you can do some of this for yourself. It is a wonderful skill to learn as it will enable you to use your powerful mind to address anything life throws at you. 
PreparationStart by making sure you are in a safe, quiet place. If you’re at home, make sure your stove is turned off and the doors are locked. Separate yourself from your family and turn your phone off.  You are taking 20 minutes to work on helping yourself.
Step OneGet comfortable and close your eyes. Focus on your own body. Starting with your feet and working your way to your head, tense and relax all the major muscle groups in your body.
Step TwoBreathe deeply, hold, and then let go.
Say to yourself: “I am twice as relaxed.” Repeat and say, “more relaxed still.” Repeat this ten times.Focus on your breath. Feel the air going down into your lungs and your chest expanding. Feel the tension leaving your body as you breathe out.
Step ThreeNotice the random thoughts in your mind.  Acknowledge each thought as it appears. Let it drift away, watch it get smaller and smaller. Let your subconscious take over.
Step Four

From Fear to Freedom, Hena Husain, self-help, hypnotism, motivation, #metoo

Imagine a safe place where you feel happy or secure. This may be a memory of a place you know, or it can be somewhere you create in your imagination.
Step FiveImagine this place as strongly as you can, using all your senses. Make the colors brighter and the picture clearer. Listen for the sounds. Feel the temperature. Feel how the air or the ground feels on your body. Notice the smells around you.
Step SixTell your mind to find any issue you wish to consider. Imagine you are holding it in your hand.

  • Imagine this issue as an object in your hand.
  • Now use your mind to change how that object looks and feels to you.
  • Let any negative energy and connotations leave the object.
  • Watch as they float away.
  • Focus on the object as it changes and becomes what you want it to be. It is likely to feel lighter and look brighter. 
  • Turn it around in your hand noticing how the light reflects and refracts.
  • Be aware that it is your powerful mind that is making these important changes.
  • Let the changes happen, as they will, at the pace you choose.
  • Continue until you know that you have done as much work as is right for you today.
  • Put the object down but be assured you can return to do more work and make new discoveries if you want to.
  • Focus on your safe and lovely place and notice any differences here.
  • Promise your safe place that you will return very soon.
  • Stretch out your arms and take a deep breath. Open your eyes and return to your everyday state.

After this exercise, you should feel relaxed and peaceful. This process will get easier with practice. If you can, pick a regular time of the day for practicing self-hypnosis.As you let go of layers of fear, you will free up the space for love and freedom.
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Hena Husain is a mind coach, author and motivational speaker. She specializes in hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), pain and stress management, core releasing, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Her coaching is grounded in the power of positive thinking and the achievement of success in business, health, and relationship wellness. As one of the most sought-after lecturers, Hena delivers an impassioned message that motivates participants to create positive change and personal growth in their lives. You can find out more about Hena on her website,