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Being of Service to Others

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi

On June 8th, I launched my new book: From Fear to Freedom: My Journey. Since then, I’ve written a series of posts about the fears I faced in my past and the 3-step process I used to overcome my fear. I’ve also shared how readers can conquer fears in their pastovercome relationship issues, and use self-hypnosis to process anything that life throws at them. Today, I want to talk about something I felt strongly about after I changed my life: being of service to others.

One of the greatest gifts that I have learned is to give and receive at the same time, allowing God’s work to flow through me to those in need. I do a variety of different volunteer activities, including feeding those in need at a soup kitchen and giving away clothes and food every month. But one of the most impactful kinds of service I do is helping women suffering from abuse to change their lives.
The reasons for telling my life story, including the long-term effects of being touched inappropriately, were not clear to me for some time. But finally, I realized that by telling my story that I could help other women change their lives. There are so many women who are dealing with abusive relationships and in need of help. I provide counseling to help them increase their self-awareness and self-confidence, empowering them to move out from a dangerous situation.
Nine years ago, I joined the PWAM (Pakistani Women’s Association of Michigan) to help women in my community through education, empowerment, and assistance. When I was asked to be a founding member and the general secretary of the organization, it felt like it was my calling. PWAM had done a lot of charity work since then. Recently, a Pakistani woman was kicked out of her home by her husband. We found her a place to stay. We have also volunteered with soup kitchens. I loved taking food to the poor people in Detroit for breaking the Ramadan fast. It’s so fulfilling feeding them good food.  
We hold an annual community bazaar for community women to sell their food, clothes, and jewelry. It’s a joyful celebration of creativity meeting needs. We give an annual woman of the year award to honor exceptional service. We’re the first Pakistani women’s organization registered in the country and were thrilled when Michigan State Senator Debbie Stabenow came to our event, recognizing and encouraging us. We were honored by the Pakistani Ambassador in Washington, DC, who sent the first check to help sponsor our safe house. Honestly, this is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever been a part of!

This gift from our community takes care of physically, sexually, and mentally abused women who are kicked out of their homes by providing them shelter. We want women to have a space where they can find refuge from the abuse that they’re suffering from without the angst of fleeing.This organization provides the ability to meet women’s immediate physical needs. Then, we provide them with workshops to educate and empower them. We have qualified counselors, social workers, and physicians to treat their needs.
In authentic Islam, women have a lot of power and respect. Women in Iran are taxi drivers, pilots, and soldiers, able to do anything, contrary to the media depiction of them being cloistered.
Culturally, Muslims living in Michigan are liberated. There’s no submission, and the abuse issues are the same ones that Christian women face. However, abuse in Muslim families tends to be hidden behind closed doors. Nobody talks about until it gets really bad.
My mission is to talk about it safely. In revealing it, we begin to heal it. We offer women tools and resources that end suffering and lonely misery. I want every woman to know that there’s only one degree of separation between us. You don’t have to suffer alone in silence anymore. You can heal in your own mind using the 3 steps in my book.
From Fear to Freedom: My Journey released on June 8th, 2018. Order it today on or go to

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